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Christmas Wish Granted: James Harden ‘Mystery Trade’ Team Is Not The Mavs

James Harden ‘Mystery Trade’ Team? Not The Dallas Mavs - A Christmas Wish Granted

We have already explained to you, Dear Reader, why the Dallas Mavericks want no part of the troublesome James harden.

And now, a Christmas wish granted, we know that the feeling is mutual.

Harden, who is a former MVP and a present pain in the neck, has reportedly expanded his list of preferred landing spots. 

We have reported, contrary to rumor, that the Dallas Mavericks were never involved back when Harden had a two-team wish list.

Now it’s an expanded list. And still, the Mavs reside safety out of Harden’s way - and therefore out of Harden’s way.

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Harden has added the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers to his list of preferred destinations, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic. Portland, in fact, was revealed as some sort of "mystery team'' recently. They join a bundle of clubs that includes the Bucks, 76ers and Nets and Bucks as teams tied into this rumor mill.

But don’t be fooled; Harden’s destination list isn’t larger because she’s suddenly more open-minded and cooperative.

The list is bigger because some of the teams he wants don’t want him.

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“No chance” is Dallas’ position. It’s now the position in Miami, which has reportedly ended its pursuit of a Harden trade. It’s now the position of Milwaukee, also reportedly no longer interested in the bother.

The NBA is a place where the star players (and their agents) are largely in charge. But that doesn’t give the selfish and petulant Harden - has three years and $132 million remaining on his contract - the right to destroy a franchise.

And that’s what he’s done in Houston, He hijacked training camp by choosing instead to attend strip-club parties, and then, in an unprecedented occurrence, contributed greatly to a COVID-related postponement of the Rockets’ NBA season-opener.

Harden was fined $50,000 ... and we suspect that the strip-club regular probably paid the league in dollar bills.

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It’s fun to think about Dallas adding star power to a roster starring Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. But being a part of a classy, selfless culture? That’s not James’ idea of fun.

Strangely, some have taken Harden’s side in this. His frustration has reached an "uncharacteristic" level, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

His frustration”?

The insufferable Harden has earned no sympathy here. There are ways superstars forge exits from employers; hiding in strip clubs isn't one of them. Maybe the Rockets are stuck with him. Maybe the Rockets will be stuck without him. But from a Dallas Mavs’ perspective? It’s a grand holiday feeling to be so unconnected from  James Harden - who is so unconnected from civility and sense.