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Show & Tell: Is Christian Wood with Mavs Long-Term?

According to GM Nico Harrison, the Mavs and Christian Wood have to prove themselves to each other next season.

Following the NBA Draft, Dallas Mavericks' GM Nico Harrison gave his thoughts on Christian Wood since the trade with the Houston Rockets was officially finalized. Given that Wood is on an expiring contract, one of the main questions is how long we should expect him to stay in Dallas.

When asked if Wood is viewed as a future piece of the organization, Harrison had this to say: "I think we both offer each other a lot. and so I think we'll have to do a little bit of showing him, and he'll have to do a little bit of showing us."

One thing that was said about Wood, following the Mavericks acquiring him, was that he had attitude concerns. If Mavericks fans will remember, the same thing was said about Spencer Dinwiddie when they traded for him from the Washington Wizards.

Wood originally signed with the Houston Rockets with hopes of chasing a title. This was when the roster included John Wall, James Harden and Demarcus Cousins. That team would eventually only yield two lottery picks and severely underwhelming results over the last two years.

Dallas has arguably one of the best players in today's game in Luka Doncic. They also have a core group of guys who are bought into Jason Kidd's defense-first philosophy. For Wood, in a contract year, he will have to do the same for the Mavericks to not only repeat their success, but also expand on it.

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"I mean, not to sound super-obvious, but we don't have a guy that does what [Wood] does ... He fits (as) a piece that we currently don't have on our roster," Harrison added.

Wood provides the Mavs with a true stretch big, who has the physical tools to contribute on the defensive end when engaged. He brings a ferocious attitude on the glass, averaging 10.3 rebounds per game and possessing a desire to win. With Wood having come from the Rockets, and Dinwiddie from the Wizards, it's easy to see how those two could be happier and play better while being on a contending team.

Mavericks fans should take this to heart: winning changes a lot. Dinwiddie almost became a completely different player in Dallas compared to what he showcased in Washington. There is little doubt that Wood can do the same. Dallas will show him why he should commit long term to the Mavericks. And as for Christian Wood, it's definitely time for show and tell.

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