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Dallas Mavs Donuts: Porzingis Pump-Up; Kristaps’ NBA Game 6 Time to Star?DALLAS - Dallas Mavericks Game 6 Donuts, with a thesis regarding Kristaps Porzingis’ opportunity to help Luka Doncic oust the Clippers …

DONUT 1: KP PUMP-UP Coach Rick Carlisle does it with noticeable frequency. He did it again, right out of the postgame Zoom meeting box, making Porzingis’ relatively modest contributions to Wednesday’s Game 5 seem headline-worthy.

This after a game in which KP contributed eight points and six rebounds?

Imagine how we’ll all rave about Porzingis if in Game 6 on Friday at the AAC he went full “Unicorn”?

DONUT 2: THE TOTEM POLE The magical Luka Doncic is atop the totem pole and he ain’t moving. This has been an incredible series for him, with the only obstacle to slow him a literal “pain in the neck.”

Maybe unfairly, we’ve come to expect his brilliance. 

DONUT 3: TIMMY’S TURN Then comes Tim Hardaway Jr., who has experienced just one poor outing in this series - his four-point output in Dallas’ Game 4 blowout loss.

A Mavs observer might suggest he’s carried his load.

DONUT 4: BRUNSON BURNER Jalen Brunson gave Dallas a nine-point fourth quarter in the Game 1 win. How much more can be asked of him?

DONUT 5: J-RICH REWARDS Josh Richardson’s similar nine-point outburst in the Game 2 win was even more stunning. Combine that with his defensive work in Game 5 and yeah, he’s fine.

DONUT 6: MAXI MINUTES Maxi Kleber is playing hurt (that Achilles) and is trying to survive stints guarding Kawhi Leonard. 

Can’t ask much more of Maxi.

DONUT 7: WILLIE’S WAY There might be more to get out of Willie Cauley-Stein, especially as Dallas is so starved for rim protection. But it’s obvious that Rick didn’t plan on WCS serving as a rotational guy in this series, so his Game 5 pitch-in spot minutes inside the paint might have tapped him out.

DONUT 8: DORIAN’S D Dorian Finney-Smith has worked long and hard to supplement his defensive prowess with three-point marksmanship. His efforts on Kawhi Leonard in Game 5 went a long way in the win, enough said. 

DONUT 9: CARLISLE'S CHESS MATCH It seemed almost as if the Clippers would be too much to overcome after the Game 4 loss. Rick Carlisle responded by making bold adjustments going extra big and running a zone. The gamble paid off...

DONUT 10: BOBAN BIGNESS Throughout his NBA career, Boban Marjanovic has largely not been a regular fixture in his team's rotations. His presence alone was a key change of pace in Game 5. 

DONUT 11: POWELL POWER After receiving single-digit minutes in each of the previous games of this series, Powell made a major impact in his 22 minutes in Game 5 with his hustle and chemistry on offense with Luka Doncic.

DONUT 12: THE FINAL WORD That leaves one guy whose “turn” it is to be at his max.

That leaves Kristaps Porzingis.