Mavs Talk: ‘Very Rare Breed’; Carlisle Compares Doncic to LeBron and MJ

Mavs Talk: ‘Very Rare Breed’; Rick Carlisle Compares Luka Doncic to LeBron James and Michael Jordan Following 110-107 Game Winner Against Celtics
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Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic, who finished with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists, drained two tightly contested, step-back 3-pointers to defeat the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

Jalen Brunson, who came off the bench and scored 22 points (5-7 from deep) was a key contributor to the Mavericks’ win. After a sluggish start to the season, the Mavs have now won six of their last seven games.

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Now let's hear Mavs talk:

Carlisle on Doncic's game winner:

“He’s just a very unique player; a very unique person. The wiring of Luka Doncic, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, guys that have this laser-like focus in these situations, it’s difficult to explain how their mind and their brain works.”

Carlisle on Doncic’s mindset:

“As the game gets tighter and the moment gets bigger, [Doncic’s] focus is only on one thing: And that is succeeding with whatever the team needs… He's a very rare breed of player. Not only does he have the laser-like focus, but he has the desire and he has all the tools to deliver."

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Carlisle on the game’s overall execution:

"We made a few mistakes, but I loved the way we kept our poise, hung in, and made sure we got the ball in the right guy's hands at the end,"

Doncic on his game-winner:

"It felt good out of my hands," Doncic said. "I was kind of tired just running around the whole possession, but it got in, and that's all that matters."

Doncic on having fans back:

“Right after the game, I said ‘Imagine if the whole crowd was here; it would be an even better feeling,’” Doncic said. “But today we really felt the fans and Thank you, everybody, for coming’”

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Mark Cuban on Porzingis rumors:

“And by the way, we are not happy that there is a supposed ‘Western Conference exec’ ripping on one of our players. ... I think they just used it as a way to put out there what they think of KP.”

The Mavericks (15-15) are scheduled to travel and face the East-Conference leaders, the Philadelphia 76ers (21-11), on Thursday at 6:00 PM CST.

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