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Brooklyn’s struggles continue, as the Nets lost to the Indiana Pacers. It was a competitive first half, which ended with Indy taking a slim lead over the visiting team. However, the Pacers flipped the switch and became unstoppable in the second half, getting the 121 to 100 win.

Indiana’s dominance in the second half showed they were the superior team. It is a bitter pill for Nets fans, considering Brooklyn has a talented squad, but they are not getting the results they could’ve gotten. This defeat has led to significant takeaways, so keep learning more about them here.

The Nets’ paint defense was horrendous

Despite Nic Claxton being the defensive cornerstone, Brooklyn gave up too many easy points in the paint. The Pacers had 82 points in the paint, reaching 68% of the total points from coach Rick Carlisle’s squad. It was one of the worst defensive performances of the season, as the Pacers always had an easy path to the basket.

Pascal Siakam dominated the game, scoring 28 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. It was a fantastic performance from the former New Mexico State Aggie.

Nets coach Kevin Ollie should use this game as a lesson for his team to defend the paint better. Claxton should not take all the responsibility there because he can’t do everything.

Mikal must be more aggressive

Mikal Bridges had another rough game, shooting only eight shots and scoring seven points. It isn’t the optimal game for Mikal, as he would’ve wanted to score more points, as Coach Ollie ran plays for him.

However, Bridges missed plenty of shots while lacking some aggression. The conviction of being the number one guy has almost dissipated, which should not happen for a guy considered untouchable by the Nets front office.

Cameron Thomas also needs help because he’s the only aggressive one on offense. Mikal needs to get over the hump and show why everyone within the Nets organization values him to the highest degree.

The Nets must reduce the turnovers

Coach Ollie once stated that the Nets must reduce their turnovers to win games. While the Pacers only had ten turnovers, Brooklyn more than doubled that number, giving the ball up 21 times.

It was due to the Pacers suffocating the isolation offense that Brooklyn tried to run. Coach Ollie wasn’t pleased with this after the game, as he knows the Nets aren’t talented enough to rely on isolation rather than ball movement.

The Nets won’t have much time to rest, as they’ll play against the San Antonio Spurs, who’ll be visiting the Barclays Center on Sunday, the second leg of the back-to-back.