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Nets issue statement to defend testing players for COVID-19 through private company

The Brooklyn Nets revealed whey their players were tested before the majority of general public.

The Brooklyn Nets are explaining their side of the story in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak and why they had their players tested immediately. 

As we learned NBA players on other teams had tested positive for COVID-19, we noticed that several of our players and staff had symptoms. Based on this information, and the judgment that all of our players are subject to high exposure due to the close physical nature of basketball, the communal nature of teams and the possibility of an accelerated spread from team to team, our medical experts advised that our players get tested...

If we had waited for players to exhibit symptoms, they might have continued to pose a risk to their family, friends and the public. Our hope is that by drawing attention to the critical need for testing asymptomatic positive carriers, we can begin to contain the spread and save lives.

While it's understandable that the team wants to curb the spread of the virus, it's hard for people to hear that loved ones whom are symptomatic and possibly neat treatment hospitalization or at the very least a test can't seem to get it, but NBA stars have it readily accessible. 

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This is a lose-lose situation for the Brooklyn Nets. Even though they're trying to do the right thing by testing their players, the fact that thousands in the general public are waiting to be tested is going to rub them the wrong way. 

Nets' owner Joseph Tsai already said he's going to pay Barclays Center employees for the time they'll miss with the season suspended which has created goodwill with fans and the country. 

Tsai could take things one step further and donate money toward supplies to fight COVID-19, but until this pandemic is under control, people are going to be on edge and have no empathy for 20-something and 30-something professional athletes.