China bans Nets from visiting Shanghai School, cuts planned broadcast of Lakers-Nets game

Rick Laughland

Talk about an overreaction. After Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted support for Hong Kong protestors, China has now barred the Brooklyn Nets from visiting a Shanghai School and cut the planned broadcast of the Nets-Lakers game. 

China's sharp reaction is in response to Morey's controversial tweet that still falls within the parameters of America's freedom of speech. Things work quite different in China as a communist regime controls the press and expression of its people. 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver backed Morey's right to express himself and fight for democracy. With tensions mounting in Hong Kong between protestors and the central government, the United States and NBA are caught in a difficult spot. 

The U.S. will never support communism by any stretch, so when China cancels broadcasts and community events that impact the NBA's Global mission, the commissioner has to get involved. 

We'll see whether tensions continue to escalate, but while Morey's political tweet falls outside the realm of what he should be discussing in a public forum, it shouldn't be something that warrants this type of stern response from China either.