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Once this 2023-24 season comes to an end, Brooklyn Nets guard Dennis Schroder will assume the great responsibility of leading his German national squad into this year's Olympic Games. But as they enter the scenes in Paris, what awaits them is truly a daunting task at hand as the reigning champions of the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Ready for the challenge

After winning it all in last year's World Cup in Manila, the focus of the entire basketball landscape was aimed at both Schroder and Germany. But it was instantly redirected at the Americans upon the early reported commitments of several high-profile NBA stars looking to avenge Team USA this 2024 Summer Olympics.

Upon ousting them in the Semifinal round of the FIBA Championships, Germany is expected to face a much more formidable U.S. squad that will boast an unreal level of talent and caliber in Paris. But despite this, Dennis isn't sweating as he believes that they have what it takes to beat them once again to clinch the Olympic gold.

"In Paris they will have LeBron James, Steph Curry, Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler and other superstars. That will be difficult, but nothing is impossible, and we have a chance," Schroder said, who was named last year's MVP as he led Germany to the top finish of the FIBA tournament.

Carry the flag as a team

In his team's entry to the gates of the Olympic field, the Nets veteran is vying to proudly represent his nation by serving as their flag bearer in the opening ceremony on July 26 — inheriting the role of what German icon Dirk Nowitzki portrayed back in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

But Schroder doesn't want to stand alone in front while taking the lead for his fellow countrymen. He desires to pull it off alongside his entire basketball squad — a fitting honor upon their past accomplishment in the FIBA World Cup.

"If not a basketballer now, when then? We won the World Cup title! I'd love to have all twelve carry the flag, I am dead serious," he said.