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The Nets game against Phoenix on Sunday was a total embarrassment. Their game against Utah on Tuesday was heartbreaking.

The team had their defense up to par on the previous games, but it fell a 119-114 for Jazz. They were 15 points on the start of the third quarter, eight more on the fourth with under 2 minutes left to the game. They had a 4-6 fall through while closing the game.

“We are where we are. We’re 4-6. We’re below average,” Kenny Atkinson said. “There’s things to build on. Our defense has to improve for us to take another step, [but] 4-6 is 4-6. This league is unrelenting. We are below average, I think our guys understand that.”

Kyrie Irving shot 10-of-30 shots and got the team 27 points with 5 points on 2-of-11 during the fourth quarter.

“They played [well], execution down the stretch, made some hustle plays off my misses down the stretch, a few turnovers,” Irving said to NY Post. “I could’ve done a better job of calling different plays down the stretch other than me and [DeAndre Jordan] in the middle of the floor, especially when it got inside three minutes.”

Coach Kenny Atkinson commented on the game. “There are no moral victories. We had our opportunities,” Atkinson said. “There are a few things; we could’ve made a few more plays, quite honestly, both offensively and defensively. It’s such a fine line between winning and losing.”