Who said the life of an NBA owner is a walk in the park?

 In the middle of violent and ugly protests in Hong Kong, Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey sent a controversial tweet that upset the Chinese government and resulted in them blacklisting the franchise. 

Daryl Morey's deleted tweet

Daryl Morey's deleted tweet

The Houston Rockets then addressed the firestorm that ensued by claiming that the franchise is not a political organization, but just there to represent the NBA in China. 

It was too late and the damage had been already done. The Rockets incurred a ban by the Chinese Government and who else but Tsai was charged with trying to broker the peace. 

The Nets owner issued the following statement via his Facebook account:

While it's clear that Tsai has his own biases with virtually all of his business dealings being rooted in the Chinese market. At the risk of ruffling feathers, Tsai is trying to mediate the crisis, but the reality is that the history of Communism and censorship in China goes against everything that Americans believe in. The violent protests that have taken centerstage in Hong Kong are just an indication of how the world is fed up with the country's political climate. 

While Tsai is trying to paint a rosey picture for China by talking about the country's rich history and tradition, the reality is the corruption, censorship and control the that the Chinese government has over its people is something the rest of the world should not support.