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With Kyrie Irving recovering from his shoulder injury, coach Kenny Atkinson admitted that with the playoffs on his mind, he’s looking at the team on a long-term view.

“That’s where we are, and we’ll see where that goes,” Atkinson commented on the 101-91 game against Charlotte and Irving’s injury. “He’s working on it with our performance team, working to get well. … The shoulder is just sensitive, especially for a point guard, like a quarterback. The way he shoots it, passing, the whole thing. He’s working through it right now, and we’ve got to work through not having him quite honestly.”

Irving suffered a shoulder injury on Nov. 12 against Utah, and while playing with his injury, he now missed three straight games.

An expert says Irving could do physical therapy, however, he will have to do a anti-inflammatory medicine, one injection, and two weeks of recovery. He will not be expected at Thursday’s practice.

“We have a protocol before a guy comes back to play,” Atkinson said. “Usually we’re not just going to throw you out there without seeing you. We have these kind of set standards in the past. He understands that. We’re not at that point yet. Hopefully, he will get there soon.”