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In these uncertain times that we’re in right now, due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, there’s a new development. As if the NBA being put on pause wasn’t unprecedented enough, players are now not even allowed to workout in their respective team’s training facilities.


It’s been a week now since the NBA world was left in shock when Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the remaining regular season games would be postponed due to COVID-19, as a result of the first confirmed case in the NBA, Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert. As you can see now this thing is spreading very quickly not only amongst the world, not only in North America, but also in the NBA. Since Gobert tested positive last Wednesday there has been nine more confirmed cases in the league.

Gobert’s All-Star teammate G Donovan Mitchell, Pistons F Christian Wood, four players on the Brooklyn Nets and three members of the Philadelphia 76ers organization.

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Even though Gobert was the first confirmed NBA case, no one person is responsible for why this virus is affecting the league. The fact of the matter is that it’s here and that it’s best for players, coaches and staff to do what they can to protect themselves from it. Most importantly we all can look at these NBA players on their platform and learn from this situation.

Firstly, let’s look at the fact that this proves that no one is immune to it, whether you play in the NBA or not.

Secondly, the fact that those in the league having it debunks the myth that “you have to be older to get it.”

Lastly, with this latest installment of closing the team training facilities, we can learn how simple contact can spread the virus. Hence why governors nationwide are closing gyms, shopping malls and things of the like where people gather and come into frequent contact with one another.

If by now you haven’t gotten it, pandemic or not, this virus is to be taken with the utmost precaution because it’s affecting nearly everyone.