Spencer Dinwiddie creating own sneaker brand called 'Project Dream'

Eric Webb

Going into his sixth year in the NBA (third year with Brooklyn), Spencer Dinwiddie is poised to have a breakout season with the new-look Brooklyn Nets, but that’s not all he has in store for this year’s campaign. He also has just previewed his new K8iros 8.1.5 sneaker that will be customized for each and every game.

Yes, you read that right. 82 different sneakers throughout the NBA regular season, with the potential of even more if Brooklyn makes the playoffs, which they have a 97.5% chance of doing according to ESPN’s NBA BPI (Basketball Power Index).

For those of you who don’t know, Dinwiddie partnered with Project Dream in 2018 and started his own sneaker brand ahead of the 2018-19 season. This organization collaborates with athletes and celebrities to design different products. Dinwiddie’s particular vision with this collaboration was to do something that was both charitable and unique.

It’s unique because most guys sign an endorsement with a Nike, Adidas, Under Armour etc. but here and there you have guys that branch out and do something different, like Dwyane Wade creating his own sneaker with the Chinese Li-Ning shoe brand, and Dinwiddie now creating his own brand with Project Dream.

It’s charitable because after each game throughout the season Dinwiddie auctions off his game-worn shoes on his website, spencerdinwiddie.com. From each and every sale, Dinwiddie donates 25.08%, a number inspired by both his college and professional jersey numbers, to charity. A unique draw to these sneakers is that the customization Dinwiddie makes to them is specific to the city he’s playing in, inspired in one way or another inspired by the local setting.

“My family has a history in philanthropy, and I want to continue that legacy,” said Dinwiddie. “Instead of holding all 82 [shoes], I wanted to do something special to get people involved and support our charity.”

With his new 3 year/$34 million contract Dinwiddie is improving more and more and is solidifying himself as one of the better players in the league. With that, you can count on sales for his K8iros spiking as well.

“This is something we will grow and evolve the rest of my playing years,” said Dinwiddie. “I will have a lot of fun doing it, and the shoes will continue to evolve as long as the NBA is willing to have me.”