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If you’ve heard the beef between the NBA and Spencer Dinwiddie, then it’s true. The league has turned down Dinwiddie’s contract proposal back in September. This caused both sides to engage in several discussions to settle this equally. The league reported that if the point guard goes through his plan without its approval, his contract could be terminated, suspended, and fined without pay.

In mid-September, the point guard attempted to convert his contract into a ‘digital investment vehicle’ under the name “SD8.” He promised to give some of his future earnings to pay it off. When the NBA heard about this, the league met with the point guard to make a resolution about his plan. The league stated that this violated the collective bargaining agreement, which states that “no player shall assign or otherwise transfer to any third party his right to receive compensation from the team under his uniform player contract.”

Dinwiddie took it to Twitter on Tuesday to publicly confirm he’s still going through with his plan.

Dinwiddie promised to appeal if his plan doesn’t go as he hoped it turned out to be. So if he’s suspended, the Nets could be at stake of losing one of his best ball-handlers.

“I’m not gonna be like ‘OK, kick me out the league, guys,” Dinwiddie said. “So, they’re gonna choose what they decide to do. I’m gonna choose what I decide to do.”