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Nic Claxton made his NBA debut this past Friday in Portland and had a great impression on the team.

“So, I still believe JA is going to be an All-Star, but Nic is the second-most talented player on this team,” Dinwiddie said to NY Post. “[First] is KD, either the first or second most talented scorer of all-time. But Nics' got game. He’s got a chance [to be great].”

Claxton scored eight points playing against the Trail Blazers. He shoots a 3-of-5 from the floor and grabbed six rebounds. With a solid plus-five being the second-best on the team, he delivered that in just 12:04 off the bench.

According to coach Kenny Atkinson, his game on the court was the most impressive part of Claxton's debut.

“Just understanding the coverages,” Atkinson said. “I think one time in the first half we were switching everything, and he handled that fantastically. That was part of the reason we drafted him, that he was versatile and could guard five positions, so he proved that.”

The 20-year-old had a defensive scheme for the team, with board work and rim protection that can be used for the future games.

“Then the rebounding, he just has a knack. And his 7-foot-3 wingspan doesn’t hurt. … And the rim protection is pretty — without fouling — so it’s all that and playing smart.”