Chris Paul On NBPA and NBA Synergy During Coronavirus Pandemic

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According to SI's Rohan Nadkarni, NBA players and owners are still assessing options as to how to bring back the league during the coronavirus pandemic. Rohan got a chance to speak with NBPA president Chris Paul who detailed the collaboration players have had with the league to help determine the outcome of the year.

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Madelyn Burke: As the sports world remains on pause, the NBA and NBPA are working together and assessing options for basketball to return. Adam Silver, of course, held a call recently with players discussing some options. Joining me now is SI NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni who recently spoke to NBPA president and Oklahoma City point guard Chris Paul. Roe, from your conversation with C.P., how involved are the players in deciding how the league navigates this pandemic?

Chris Paul

Rohan Nadkarni: You know, man, it's really interesting because if you contrast the situation between the NBA and MLB, for example, the MLB is kind of trying to force something on the players union right now. That's just not the case with the NBA. When I spoke to Chris Paul Monday morning or Tuesday morning, rather, he had just gotten off the phone with Adam Silver. So it's clear that the players are really involved in this. I mean, he mentioned to me they're having constant meetings. The executive committee is constantly in touch with the league on proposals. He told me that the NBPA reviews every proposal the league has about the idea of playing in one of these bubbles that's been talked about. 


So I think the theme here that Chris was really trying to get across is the collaboration between the league and the players union.


Madelyn Burke: The collaboration, of course, a big factor in why the players respect the commissioner so much. Outside of this role with the NBPA, though, I know you caught up with Chris Paul and what he's been doing in quarantine outside of this. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Rohan Nadkarni: You know, it was interesting. I asked him. You know, people like me and you would like to take this time to develop new skills, maybe bake some bread, learn a new tick-tock band. I asked Chris Paul what he's been up to. He's taking Spanish classes twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. He said he can understand a lot more than you can speak right now, but, you know, he's trying to make himself better. I think you will appreciate this. He also said he's been doing a lot of Zoom workouts with his old Clippers buddy, DeAndre Jordan.

Madelyn Burke: All Clippers, but a shout out to the LACTV days. I got to know, did he give you a little bit of Spanish skills, did you hear him speak it?

Rohan Nadkarni: I did one of those things where I read the room, and I don't think he was ready to speak Spanish on the phone.

Madelyn Burke: Yeah, we don't want to debut these new quarantine skills until they're on the elite level just yet. Rohan Nadkarni, thank you so much for the time. 

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