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In the most recent 2023 NBA championship odds from SISportsbook, the Golden State Warriors were given the second-best title odds in the league. Trailing only the Boston Celtics, who they just defeated in the NBA Finals, Golden State boasted +600 odds to repeat their title next year.

While several different factors go into these odds, there is a possibility that Kevin Durant's looming trade may have impacted this list. With the possibility of Kevin Durant being traded to the Boston Celtics starting to circulate NBA spaces, oddsmakers may have factored this into their list.

If the NBA landscape stays relatively similar to what it was last season, and Kevin Durant stays put in Brooklyn, it would not be shocking to see Golden State regain their spot atop the title odds list. With their general manager essentially shutting down the idea that they may join the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, the Warriors are not expected to make any drastic changes between now and next season. Having just won the title, it does not feel as if there is much need to.

While a lot can still change between now and the start of next season, the Golden State Warriors look to be in a good spot. Having replaced their two free agent departures with comparable players, the team will look to run through the league once again next year.

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