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Steph Curry's "Night Night" celebration has taken the sports world by storm. Everyone from the world's top athletes to little league stars have been pulling out the celebration, and the latest to do so was FC Barcelona star Ousmae Dembélé.

After a goal that put Barcelona up 2-1, Dembélé hit the "Night Night" celebration on Juventus. The celebration has become incredibly popular, with stars from all sports pulling it out. Having popularized it during the NBA playoffs, that ended in his fourth championship and first Finals MVP award, Steph Curry is loving the "Night Night" movement:

Athletes have gotten creative with the celebration, especially in youth sports, and Steph is embracing all of it. A transcendent player on the court, and one of the most influential to play the game, Steph's impact is now infiltrating other sports. With MLB stars pulling out the "Night Night" celebration following walk-off homers, youth athletes adding their own creative twists, and now Ousmae Dembélé pulling it out on Juventus, this is indeed a movement.

Steph Curry is enjoying every new take on the celebration, acknowledging several of them on Twitter. LeBron James even shared his thoughts on the celebration recently, following an instance where a young hooper actually took a nap on the court, laying down following a swished jumper.

Athletes everywhere are having fun with the "Night Night" celebration, and Steph is here for the movement.

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