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It is officially that time of the offseason where content has diminished to hypothetical matchups between dynasties of past and present. Last week it was the dynasty Warriors vs. the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, and now the debate has shifted to the dynasty Warriors vs. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. According to Draymond Green, Golden State beats that '98 Bulls team.

In a series of Tweets that included a call for "unnecessary debating" to stop, Draymond adamantly declared that the 2017 Golden State Warriors would defeat the 1998 Chicago Bulls:

Draymond continued that conversation with several other Tweets, some of which explained why it makes little sense to compare eras, and others that doubled down on his stance that Golden State defeats Chicago. While several across the sports media world have already shared their thoughts on what Draymond had to say, Kevin Durant is one of the latest to weigh in.

Having played on that 2017 Golden State Warriors team, taking home the Finals MVP award, Durant's opinion certainly holds weight in the conversation. Rather than taking a stance on who would win the hypothetical series, Durant instead made a joke about how the Warriors would approach it:

As his name continues to circulate in trade rumors, following his request to be dealt from the Brooklyn Nets, Durant has spent time on Twitter interacting with fans and fellow players. This latest interaction provided a comical angle to a tiring hypothetical debate.

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