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Somehow, someway, one of the biggest beefs in the NBA is between Klay Thompson and Ronnie 2K. It looks like after weeks of back and forths between the two, the beef may finally be squashed.

Ronnie 2K went on ESPN to discuss Klay Thompson being upset at his NBA2k rating and discussed 2k23 in general - Klay wasn't happy about that.

"Y'all really interviewed this clown," Thompson said on Instagram. "I thought NBA on ESPN meant coverage of some of the best athletes in the world? Not interviewing a promoter... Do better ESPN."

Ronnie then tried to apologize by comically carrying a sign around Chase Center that stated, "Klay you're a 100 in my book."

After defeating the Lakers on opening night, Klay Thompson finally addressed the apology and it looks like he accepted it.

"I would like to apologize to @ronnie2k," Klay said in the post. "I was in my feelings about a fictitious rating and I took out my anger on him with trolling in the comments. Cyber-bullying is super lame and loser behavior and for that I am sorry bro."

With all of that said, it looks like the beef between Klay Thompson and Ronnie 2K is officially over. Both men have said their apologies, and both men look to be moving forward with their careers.

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