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Steph Curry is no stranger to The White House. Set to make another trip back after winning his fourth NBA Championship, Steph received a phone call from former President Barack Obama after winning Game 6 in Boston.

In this video, Steph can be heard saying, "Thank you so much, man. You know, from the last time I saw you, just how far away this actually felt. Man, this was special. This was special, I appreciate you."

After pausing for a moment to let the former POTUS respond, Curry laughed and said, "I wish I could say that! I wish I could say that on TV! Aw, man. Absolutely, what they gonna say now? Nothing. All they could say is it's golf season."

While Obama's side of the call wasn't audible, Steph's response indicates that he had a message for those who doubted Steph and the Warriors over the last two seasons. It's been a rough few days for that crowd, and life likely won't get any easier with the Warriors set to bring the trophy back home for their championship parade.

Steph Curry and his team are rightfully enjoying every moment of this championship experience, because while they have been here before, few thought they'd ever be back. That outside doubt helped fuel their run, as the trio of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are now four-time NBA champs.

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