Steve Kerr Reveals Potential Klay Thompson Roster Move

The Warriors have major Klay Thompson questions to figure out.
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The biggest question mark heading into the offseason for the Golden State Warriors is Klay Thompson. The team needs to figure out whether or not he's coming back, what he's getting paid, and if he's even going to be starting next season.

According to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, having Klay Thompson come off the bench again must be an option moving forward.

“Klay really showed that he was agreeable to the sixth man role the second half of the year, even though eventually we put him back in the starting lineup,” Steve Kerr said in his exit interview. “That's got to be an option going forward. I would prefer not to play him 35 minutes.”

When it comes to who would replace Klay Thompson in the starting lineup, Kerr revealed it could be either Brandin Podziemski or Moses Moody. With the way Moody has performed on both ends of the floor, he actually makes a ton of sense for the team.

“It could very well be somebody on the roster,” Kerr said. “I think our young guys are going to continue to get better. For a while, we started Brandin [Podziemski] instead of Klay. So that's a possibility. Maybe Moses moves into the starting lineup.”

It's not going to be an easy offseason for the Golden State Warriors. The franchise will have to make some of its toughest decisions in recent memory, and it's going to start with Klay Thompson.

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