Warriors GM Makes Controversial Statement on Roster

Mike Dunleavy Jr. made a statement that fans may not like.
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One of the biggest key takeaways most critics had about the Warriors this season was that they simply weren't good enough. When it came time for the big moments against teams like the Pelicans or Kings, they just couldn't produce - even with a healthy Steph Curry.

For that reason, many Warriors fans strongly believed that the team should have made a decisive move during the trade deadline. However, Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. disagrees with that assessment.

"I think knowing what I know now, there is not anything on the table that I would have done or gone through with,” Dunleavy said about the trade deadline. “I think it was good to see this team out. I think one of the best things about this year, frankly, is there were no catastrophic injuries. There's no, 'Hey, Steph only played 40 games. What would this team be like without him?' Things like that."

Make no mistake, Dunleavy Jr. does believe that the Warriors simply weren't good enough. Despite that, he does believe that he needed to see this current team through before making that assessment.

"We know clearly what this team was," Dunleavy said. "It wasn't good enough, and so there's no doubt about that. There's no 'what ifs' if we had made a move at the deadline -- 'Well, maybe that wasn't the right move' [or] 'What if we had kept this guy or that guy?' We answered all those questions, and so now we can move forward with clarity."

While in all honesty, what Dunleavy says makes sense, the counter-argument is that the Warriors already didn't look good enough before the trade deadline. It was clear what the team was by then, and it was clear that a bigger move needed to be made.

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