The 10 Best Edge Rushers in Football

The top 10 players at what might be the defense’s most important spot
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Edge rushers, in the conversation for the most valuable non-quarterbacks in football. We’re unveiling the top 10, based on the votes of myself, Andy Benoit and researcher Cal Klyman.

I’m not sure if anything here will make you spit out your froot loops, but we do have a second-year player on the verge of making the Big Two a Big Three. Plus we have a little talk about how there are no good football movies.

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This week’s show:

Number 10—3:23

Number 9—7:14

Number 8—12:58

Number 7—15:06

Number 6—22:51

Number 5—23:56

Number 4—28:46

Number 3—31:57

Number 2—35:33

Number 1—37:58

Others receiving votes—41:09