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Analyzing Day 3 of the 2023 49ers QB Competition

This competition is a farce.

SANTA CLARA -- Here's what Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, Sam Darnold and Brandon Allen did on Day 3 of 49ers training camp. 


Took all the first-string quarterback reps for the second day in a row. Played against a first-string defense that was missing Nick Bosa and Charvarius Ward. Completed just 6 of 11 passes and nearly threw an interception to Isaiah Oliver but he dropped it, which means Purdy didn't play particularly well, but he played better than he did yesterday. His best throw was a 25-yard completion to Deebo Samuel. His other five completions traveled no more than 10 yards past the line of scrimmage. His worst throw was a deep pass to Brandon Aiyuk that fluttered, wobbled and died. Purdy still looks nowhere near ready to play actual football, but he also looks like the best quarterback on the team right now, which doesn't reflect well on the quarterback room.


Split second-string reps with Trey Lance but took the field before him and completed 3 of 6 passes. Also fumbled a snap. His best throw was a 25-yard completion up the seam to Elijah Mitchell. His worst throw was a wildly high pass over the middle that Jauan Jennings somehow caught with one hand to save an interception. Darnold also missed a throw across the field to Deebo Samuel. For a veteran quarterback who got to play with lots of starters while facing a backup defense, Darnold didn't play particularly well. But it's not fair to judge a quarterback based on just six throws.


Completed just 2 of 5 passes and scrambled twice -- once for a first down, and once for minimal gain. Lance's worst throw was a short throw over the middle that was behind Jordan Mason. This was an easy throw. After Lance missed it, he spun away and dropped his head in disgust. His body language was terrible. He seemed less confident than I've seen him all year -- I'm guessing he feels like the 49ers lied to him. All offseason, he asked for a chance to compete. And now he's competing to be the backup quarterback -- not what he had in mind. And while Darnold is throwing to starters such as Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Jauan Jennings and Elijah Mitchell, Lance today threw only to backups -- Brayden Willis, Tay Martin and Jordan Mason. I don't understand why the 49ers won't give Lance a fair chance to compete. What did he do to get placed on the same level as Darnold and Brandon Allen? Why wouldn't the 49ers want to give Lance as many reps as possible after spending three first-round picks on him and getting his leg broken while running the ball? I also don't understand why Lance isn't fighting harder. He seems so discouraged, like he wants to get traded. But there is no trade market for him, because of days like today. You're blowing it, Trey.


Completed 1 of 4 pass attempts. Thank goodness the 49ers have Allen on their team. If only they had him last year, they surely would have won the Super Bowl -- he's that good. Just kidding. He doesn't deserve a spot on the team.