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Rams are Signing Former 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Former 49ers quarterback is finally accepting that he is a glorified backup in the NFL after signing with the Rams.

From being a longtime starter to a backup.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is signing a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Rams to be their backup. 

Garoppolo finds himself back in a Kyle Shanahan style of offense with Sean McVay as the backup to Matthew Stafford. He spent last year as a limited starter for the Las Vegas Raiders after he started six games for them before being benched for the season and then released. 

He threw for 1,205 yards on 110 completions for seven touchdowns and nine interceptions with a putrid quarterback rating of 33.9 Garoppolo was one of the worst quarterbacks, both starting and backups, to play last season. It makes sense for him to settle as a backup on the Rams moving forward after the Raiders released him. 

Garoppolo is no longer a starter in this league as the 49ers recognized that a few years ago. He easily became exposed once he got away from Shanahan. Perhaps that is why he found the Rams the most alluring to him since McVay is similar. 

Plus, Garoppolo could always have a chance to start some games. Stafford has been a bit of an injury prone player the last few years and has played through them as well. McVay may feel that Garoppolo can be someone he can win a stretch of games with like how Shanahan did on the 49ers.

The Rams elected to go with Garoppolo instead of Carson Wentz who they signed in the middle of last season. It looks like they didn't care for either his performance and/or who he is. I'd imagine it's both since no teams ever want to retain him. As for Garoppolo, he finds himself in a quarterback friendly offense yet again.