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Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen Named by Tom Brady as Leader of Next-Gen 'Tremendous' QBs

The "GOAT'' Tom Brady has designated Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen as one of the top baton-takers.
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After 23 years in NFL, iconic quarterback must pass the baton to another generation.

And the "GOAT'' has designated Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen as one of the top baton-takers.

“I hope these other guys like Patrick (Mahomes) can play a long time,” Brady said on his SiriusXM “Let’s Go!” podcast. “And Jalen (Hurts) can play a long time. And Josh (Allen) and Joe Burrow and these tremendous players that bring so much.''

That's a pretty good four-pack of heirs to the throne of Brady, the legendary Patriots star who just retired from the Bucs.

And Allen, 26, is surely flattered by being mentioned by an idol. Allen has always been open and vocal about his admiration for the legendary Brady, a player he rooted for as a kid.

And he's now a peer ... and an heir.

That doesn't mean Mahomes or Allen or anyone else is every going to match or exceed the seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady. Nor are they likely to match his record of longevity, as he played to age 45.

But ... maybe.

“I hope the good players keep playing,'' Brady said. "That’s what I tried to do. And now you hope that the next generation does that and I hope they have the tools necessary to do that. ...''

Allen, famously, takes perfectly good care of his body - until it's time to throw himself into a pile in order to bull or leap or sprint for another yard, something his Bills bosses seem to maybe be frustrated by.

But Josh Allen does put on a show. And Tom Brady is a fan.

"That’s why we watch,'' Brady said. "Not because of the color of the jerseys, because of the players in the jerseys.''

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