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Bill Callahan Discusses Right Guard, Chris Hubbard's Role

On a conference call on Thursday, Cleveland Browns offensive line coach Bill Callahan discussed the right guard position as well as the role of veteran Chris Hubbard in the offense.

Cleveland Browns offensive line coach Bill Callahan had a conference call on Thursday and he fielded questions on the prospects at right guard as well as the future of Chris Hubbard. The Browns starting offensive line is settled with the exception of right guard. Eric Kush started the year at right guard, has since been released. Wyatt Teller, who was acquired in a trade with the Buffalo Billls at the start of the season, took over the second half of the year and he will one of the players vying for the job this season.

When asked, Callahan didn't offer much, as he hasn't really had a chance to do anything with them, but it doesn't sound like they have any interest in adding help there, such as free agent Larry Warford, who was released by the New Orleans Saints.

“I am still getting familiarized with all the players. I have not met them all yet – just only virtually I had done that with them. We have not really set a depth chart, listed a starter or named the RG position. That is up for grabs. I really believe we have some excellent players in there in (G) Wyatt Teller, (G) Drew Forbes, (G) Colby Gossett and (G) Willie Wright. There are a lot of candidates. There will be a lot of time for competition. I think that will sort itself out as we move along. It is always such a change, and we are just going to keep assessing and evaluating the position as we move forward. There are enough candidates in there that I think someone will rise to the occasion and take over that spot.”

One of the players some have assumed would be compete for the spot at guard would be Chris Hubbard. Hubbard served as the team's right tackle the past two seasons, but when the team signed Jack Conklin to take that spot, it appeared he would be released. The Browns and Hubbard wanted him to continue to be a part of the team and agreed to a restructured contract, reducing his pay.

“I really like Chris. I remember a couple years ago when I was in Washington, we did in free agency really, really liked him. I thought he had the athleticism to come in and be a real benefit as a swing tackle at the time and he could help our line and eventually be the starter. He had that capability. I know he played really well his first year here. I am just really anxious to get on the field with him and try to elevate his game and help him in any way I can. I think he is a really good football player. I know his heart is in it.

He has swing-ability and he could also play a jumbo tight end. Although, we have a lot of those guys right now. I really like Chris. I think he has a lot of value and a lot of upside. He will definitely help us at some point. You can never have enough of those guys. I went through 72 of them in two years – we had 72 different line combinations in Washington. We were just riddled with injuries. The value of a player like Chris, you just can’t make up for it.” 

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While Callahan is effusive with praise for Hubbard and his value on this team, he never mentions guard. He only talks about him as a swing tackle, which is what he's always been as well as a potential jumbo tight end, which could be valuable short yardage and down by the goal line. Hubbard is a player that excels when it comes to reach blocking and operating from a technical position, but tends to struggle when he has to take on raw power.

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