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Bill Callahan On Jack Conklin: You Could Not Get a More Perfect Tackle In Free Agency

Bill Callahan, the Cleveland Browns offensive line coach, was given the opportunity on a conference call to explain what he liked about free agent acquisition Jack Conklin and he took full advantage.
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On a conference call Thursday, Cleveland Browns offensive line coach Bill Callahan had his first chance to discuss waht he liked about new right tackle Jack Conklin, one of the team's pair of big free agent signings. Along with the selection of Jedrick Wills in the first round of April's NFL Draft, the Browns are set to have a brand new pair of starting tackle.

Callahan was basically just given the floor to speak on the Browns new right tackle. His response was glowing.

“I really like Jack. I watched him coming out of Michigan State. I thought he was outstanding there and what he has done at Tennessee. Early in his career, I know he had some misfortune with injury, but last year, he really came on. He had a really good year. You talk about a system fit, you could not get a more perfect tackle in free agency than Jack. He fits the mode for the wide zone game and his pass protection sets, how he short sets and he jumps at the line of scrimmage, which is a tough skill to acquire. Then of course in third down and later downs, you can watch him set vertically and you can see his variance of sets. He has the toolbox and he has the skillset to do quite well.

What I really like about Jack is he is a player that is really thirsty for new techniques and new ways of doing things. He is wide open from that aspect. I am really looking forward to digging down in the trenches with him and seeing how we can tweak some things and help his game.”

One of the themes in listening to Callahan talk about players is how he is drawn to players that are intelligent and tough. Along with being accountable, those continue to be the three things the Browns want in players as often mentioned by both head coach Kevin Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry. Conklin has been a good tackle, but Callahan really seems to hit on the intellectual curiosity to improve as a big selling point.

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