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Buccaneers COO on Return of Creamsicle Uniforms: Not If, But When

The full "creamsicle" uniform set could return to the Buccaneers rotation as early as 2023.

Photo credit: Kim Klement, USA Today Sports

The Buccaneers have full intentions of once again rocking their "creamsicle" uniforms as the NFL has cleared the way to allow alternate helmets in uniform rotations league-wide, beginning in 2022.

Tampa Bay's Chief Operating Officer Brian Ford met with media on Friday shortly after the announcement was made, virtually guaranteeing that the Buccaneers will soon wear their original uniforms again - however, the timeframe is to be determined.

“It’s very important to our fan base, as well as the Glazer family and our entire organization,” Ford said. “We love to kind of reminisce and play some ’70s and ’80s music and bring out the big pom-poms and the creamsicle. So it’s not a question of if, it’s just when, and we’ll definitely keep you posted.”

Despite the NFL approving throwback helmets for the 2022 season and beyond, as Pro Football Talk has pointed out, it is too late for the Buccaneers and other teams to submit full uniform sets for approval in 2022. 

Teams have until July 31 to confirm the use of a throwback helmet next season, but according to the same league memo, “the notice date for 2022 uniform changes has passed and no new uniforms can be developed for the 2022 season, other than those previously approved by the League Office for the 2022 season,” - meaning the earliest fans could see the full creamsicle attire would be in 2023.

This news comes months after Bucs owner Jay Glazer suggested that the team had been working with the league for approval to don the throwback uniforms, although at the time Glazer shared that negotiations were "not there yet" in late March.

The Buccaneers wore the creamsicle uniform combos from 1976-1996 as a part of their featured color sets, including the "Bucco Bruce" pirate logo on the team's helmets. 

The home combination - orange jerseys over white pants - served as a throwback uniform for Tampa Bay after transitioning to red and pewter primary colors in 1996, but the set was removed from the rotation after Tampa Bay adopted more modern uniforms in 2013.

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