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Charger Fans React to J.C Jackson's Incredible Joint Practice Performance

Is Mr. INT back?!?!

The Chargers are gearing up for their second preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. And like every year, teams go up against each other in a joint practice, and many times some highlight plays are made, especially from the star players who usually don't play in the preseason. 

That was the case for your Chargers as LA's high-paying cornerback, J.C. Jackson, made his presence felt during the joint practice. 

Watch Mr. INT completely erase the defender and do what he does best. 

It was right in his fans, but he couldn't grasp it. He looks fine and healthy, and fans loved what they saw. 

This is the Jackson that the Chargers signed last offseason, and they're going to need more of that if they want to make a deep postseason run. 

Jackson wasn't his same self in 2022, but he seems to be on track to getting back to where he was in 2021, in 2023, in LA. Chargers superstar Derwin James certainly feels like he will, as he talked up on his secondary star teammate. 

We love the way that sounds, and we cannot wait to see those two terrorize opposing offenses this coming fall.