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Commanders MVP: 3 Players Who Will Take Command

Washington’s most valuable player could be a name not at the top of his position group

Value is an interesting concept and when looking at the Washington Commanders roster there are players who’s value are clear, and others that don’t jump right off the page.

Take quarterback Carson Wentz, he plays the most important position on the field and most would agree that better production there would have made Washington a playoff contender.

Even with all the injuries.

This is why he’s our first candidate for potential MVPs on the Washington Commanders roster in 2022.

1. Quarterback, Carson Wentz

All obvious reasons we stated above aside, Wentz’s potential to be the team’s MVP has as much to do with him as it does the rest of the roster itself.

In Philadelphia, Wentz was looked to as an uplifting presence on the field. The same could be said in Indianapolis as well.

Deprived of top shelf targets, it was on Wentz as the franchise quarterback to make sure his play elevated those around him.

And the truth is sometimes he delivered, and sometimes he didn’t. In some of the most crucial moments, in fact, he failed to elevate his play and his team failed with him.

Now? He’s on a squad of underdogs looking to prove everyone wrong. He isn’t expected to carry the team, rather the team is expected to carry each other.

Wentz’s redemption story is Washington’s. If the team succeeds, it’ll be because the quarterback accepted his role as part of the solution.

And for a man with so many expectations set upon him from the beginning of his career, that alone would prove to be more valuable than the second round pick the Commanders will send to the Indianapolis Colts in 2023.

2. Linebacker Cole Holcomb

Six of Washington’s 11 starters on defense were first round picks. 

But it may be the MIKE linebacker who has had to remind people this isn’t his first time calling the team’s defense who really solidified the unit.

Miscommunication and missed assignments were a big part of why the 2021 defense didn’t live up to the hype. 

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Then, as injuries and personal obligations pulled players off the field, the unit never really got a strong footing.

Now, however, playmakers are coming back, depth contributors are more experienced, and there are even a few rookies looking to contribute towards making this group better than the last.

If they do it, it’ll be due to better discipline on assignments, and clear communication. All of which starts with Holcomb.

The fifth round pick getting all six of his first round teammates on the same page.

3. Wide Receiver Curtis Samuel

It’s hard to truly quantify what missing a player like Samuel meant in 2021 because we’d never seen him with this team prior.

After seeing just a small sample size of what’s to come with him healthy and on the field, however, it’s easy to see that Samuel not only brings his own talent to the field but unlocks more from others.

He does this because the defense will have to cover not just beyond the line of scrimmage, but also behind it.

Adding this fourth layer of offense to defend will cause hesitation, and force teams to maintain a box presence more than before.

In turn, this will open up the intermediate and deep portions of the field more often, and not only brings play-action into more relevance but also adds a misdirection layer we didn’t get as much of previously.

This opens the door to value via production versus presence. 

He may not be your fantasy football WR1, but he’ll prove his value in strategic advantages in more ways than a box score could display.

If he stays healthy.

Who will be the Commanders' MVP in 2022? That answer will be decided on the field.

But if all three of these guys can put their value on display every week, they’ll be hard to beat for the postseason title.