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Terry McLaurin Signs Extension: Best Commanders Offseason Move?

The moments and moves that give hope to Washington fans this season

It’s hard being the butt of all the jokes, but ever since the Washington Commanders changed to a team name that looked an awful lot like a certain popular text abbreviation, the larger NFL world has kicked and abused the team and it’s fan base.

To be honest, the media has gotten some of that treatment as well, as I’ve met several people who respond with, ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ after hearing I cover the team.

For the record, I’m not sorry. And there are some reasons Commanders fans may get to return the favor when this season gets started.

Here are my best three moves Washington has made this off-season.

3. Re-Signing Terry McLaurin

It was the move everyone wanted to get done.

We’ve already seen how talented receivers can force their way out of situations they no longer feel motivated to stay in (re: Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill), but McLaurin went the other route in trying to secure a multi-year extension even while he had one year left on his current deal.

While the details were being hammered out it was clear the fans wanted No. 17 around for a while, the team was saying all the right things, and the media certainly felt it made all the sense in the world for Washington to pay McLaurin a fair and deserved salary.

Now that the deal is in place, the 2022 roster appears to be mostly sorted, and we can await training camp knowing new quarterback Carson Wentz is a healthy Logan Thomas away from having a stocked arsenal of weapons.

2. NFL Draft Weekend Trades

When the news broke that Washington had executed a trade to acquire Wentz from the Indianapolis Colts, reactions were what we all expected.

But the principle complaint among most was the absorption of his entire cap hit, and the loss of draft capital in the current year.

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The 2022 class was being considered one of the richest talent-wise in the middle rounds than we’ve seen in some time.

On draft weekend, however, the Commanders turned angst into value making multiple trades draft weekend that eventually landed players like receiver Jahan Dotson, running back Brian Robinson Jr., and tight end Cole Turner.

In fact, no fewer than five of this year’s rookies look like they could be important contributors this season, with more than that holding a lot of potential for the future.

1. Acquiring Quarterback Carson Wentz

The fact we’ve already referenced this move multiple times before now shows just how impactful this trade is, and will be in 2022. 

Wentz had fallen a long way from being the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and many Commanders fans were not happy their favorite team had agreed to be the next rehabilitative opportunity.

Meanwhile, we in the media were not looking to forget the past and offer a clean slate to the troubled quarterback.

Thus far, all reports are good, and outside of one particularly bad practice with media present Wentz looks like an upgrade to the position in every way you want him to be.

For a team who missed on trading for Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, Wentz wasn’t exactly the consolation prize everyone coveted.

But what he represents, the teams continued efforts to actively seek the next franchise quarterback, is a good sign.

And you never know, he may just surprise everyone.