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Cowboys Should Trade Dak Prescott for Packers’ Aaron Rodgers - ‘Crazy’ Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons suggests the Dallas Cowboys should trade Dak Prescott … for … Aaron Rodgers?!
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FRISCO - We will pass on the Dallas Cowboys trade thoughts of Bill Simmons without judgment … while biting our tongue while we type …

The big-shot media guy wants the Cowboys to trade Dak Prescott … for … 

Aaron Rodgers?!

Following the Cowboys’ disappointing playoff loss at the 49ers, The Ringer’s Simmons, and his “Cousin Sal” (who is billed here as a “die-hard Cowboys fan), the podcast discussion turned to a Simmons brainstorm.

“Is Dak for Rodgers crazy?” Simmons explained during his recent “Bill Simmons Podcast.” “Would you trade for Aaron Rodgers? … You wouldn’t want three years of Rodgers?”

Again, no judgment.

Simmons’ pondering comes on the heels of ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s report that there is a “real possibility” the Packers will trade Rodgers this offseason

“Make no mistake, both sides are fully aware that a trade is a very real scenario this offseason for Aaron Rodgers,” Schefter claimed.

Again … Tongue. Type. No judgment.

The “report” does not seem to consider that Green Bay might want Rodgers out of the NFC … or who wants the headache-inducing Rodgers due to the $110 million left on his contract which means his next team is likely to be paying him at age 42 … Or the fact that Dak’s contract has a no-trade clause … Or the fact that the Pack already employs Rodgers’ heir in Jordan Love … Or that both teams would struggle with the cap ramifications of such a swap … Or that if Dak and his $40 million APY salary is so deserving of being dumped by Dallas. …

Why would any other team want to take it on?

Or that after the loss to the 49ers in which Dak played so poorly, we looked Jones in the eye as he offered our small media group his allegiance to Prescott.

“Give me that setup, with Dak Prescott, I feel very strongly that we will win,” Jerry told us. “My (commitment to Dak) is just as strong as ever. … I take (my chances with him) again and again and again.”

But again … Tongue bitten. Typing finished  No judgment.

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