Pro Football Doc shares thoughts on Dak's walking boot saga

The Pro Football Doc weighs in on the potential severity of Dak Prescott's walking boot.
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Dallas Cowboys fans were scared over the Fourth of July. On July 3rd, Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott was seen in a walking boot. The images quickly spread through social media, causing concern for many Dallas fans.

However, one medical professional says to relax with the concern. What is bothering Prescott might be being kept on the down low.

David Chao, better known as the Pro Football Doc, recently gave his opinion on the recent images of Prescott in a walking boot.

Chao tweeted on Monday that he isn't too concerned about the Cowboys quarterback rocking a boot but believes the reports from the franchise saying that the boot is a precautionary approach to an ankle injury that Prescott suffered way back in 2020 may not be accurate.

According to Chao in an article on, "We disagreed with this assessment. The boot was short, which aligns with a foot injury, as taller boots are typically used for ankle injuries."

Are the Cowboys being truthful with everyone about the extent of Prescott's injury? No matter the case, seeing your franchise quarterback in a boot at any time of the year is never a good sight. But it is even more concerning as we near the final stretch of the offseason.

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