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The No. 1 Jamal Adams Trade Blockade For Cowboys? Jets Anger

The No. 1 Jamal Adams Trade Blockade For Dallas Isn't the Price Or the Contract - It's the New York Jets' Cowboys-Directed Anger
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FRISCO - Jamal Adams has asked for a trade due to his unhappiness with the New York Jets. The Jets keep saying they plan to give him an extension but continue to not actually do so while whispering that they're unhappy with Adams. And the third leg of this Stool of Unhappiness?

The Dallas Cowboys, who happen to top Adams' trade-destination wish list - but who also happen to be the source of Jets anger.

Adams, the 24-year-old All-Pro safety, "wants to be traded to the Cowboys,'' said a source close to the situation. And that's a start, as Adams officially requested permission to seek a trade from the Jets on Thursday, the reason being the All-Pro's feeling of betrayal over a contract extension he feels was promised him. ESPN reports that there are seven teams on his wish list, Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas.

But while Jamal has Dallas love - he's hanging out in his hometown, including a golf outing this week in Frisco - the Jets have a "Dallas problem.'' 

There are other obstacles here, but they can be managed. ...

That massive contract extension that the Jets have essentially pledged to give him (despite that fact he has two years left on his deal, a salary of $3.5 million for 2020 and $9.9 million in 2021)? reported exclusively three weeks ago that Adams would be more patient regarding his deal if he was dealing with the Cowboys, to the point of not only delaying the extension but of also accepting a "hometown discount.'' (See our May 23 report.)

And the actual trade package Dallas would have to give? At some level, New York is willing to entertain trade offers - albeit at the high price of a first- and second-round draft pick. That was the asking price in May; last October, Dallas was dangling a first-rounder and Anthony Brown in trade. Those two concepts are not that far apart from one another.

Ah, but there's the rub. Sources tell that Jets management remains irate about the October leaks regarding negotiations - leaks they blame on the Cowboys front office. We'd contend that the Jets camp and Adams' camp have also been fairly forthcoming with information, but the Jets think what they think.

Maybe that can be massaged; a dozen roses delivered from The Star to Florham Park, N.J.? And, of course, maybe the Adams-Jets relationship can be massaged, too. For that to happen, though, New York would be wise to take back a latest insult, as the Jets recently told him they wanted to make sure he's "all-in'' before doing a new deal. Adams, a three-year pro who has made two Pro Bowls, one All-NFL team, is the Jets captain and is their best player - found that off-putting.

So for the moment, Jamal is mad at the Jets, the Jets are mad at Jamal, and the Jets are equally mad at the Cowboys.