‘Tabasco Fiasco’: Cowboys Not ‘Hot’ in NFL Power Rankings

‘Tabasco Fiasco’: Mike Nolan’s Dallas Cowboys Are Not ‘Hot’ in SI NFL Power Rankings
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FRISCO - After another lifeless performance, the Dallas Cowboys' 25-3 loss to division foe Washington sent them spiraling from first to third in the NFC East and near the bottom of the barrel in Sports Illustrated's latest Power Rankings

Dak Prescott's replacement, Andy Dalton, went down with a scary injury and it seemed none of his teammates cared. Rookie Ben DiNucci could be the starter at quarterback after the concussion suffered by Dalton... Dallas (2-5) sits at No. 24. As the MMQB gang writes:

On Monday their defensive coordinator missed a media conference call because he accidentally rubbed Tabasco sauce in his eye. So that’s about where this team is at right now.

In case you missed the Tabasco incident, here is the video.

The internet had a field day.

Although, Nolan did continue his press conference after cleaning out his eye, the Tabasco stole the show - not exactly a good thing when your defense is severely lacking communication, execution and, arguably, effort. 

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After the Sunday loss, the level of discontent was palpable, from coach Mike McCarthy and members of his Cowboys team. You can watch those reactions here

In the power rankings, Dallas is second in the division behind the Philadelphia Eagles (2-4-1), who landed at No. 21. The Eagles are fresh off a 22-21 win over the New York Giants. 

The class of the NFC East right now, Philadelphia is Carson Wentz pushing a rock up an endless mountain, says Sports Illustrated.

Will the Cowboys continue their downward spiral or can they find a way to turn it around? Next up, one of their most pivotal matchups in Philadelphia in a Sunday night national-TV game that could be as painful on the eyes as a bucket of Tabasco.