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Ezekiel Elliott Evaluates This 'Sh--tty' Cowboys Season

Ezekiel Elliott Summarizes The 2-5 Dallas Cowboys' 'Sh--tty' NFL Season
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FRISCO - The good news is that somebody inside the Dallas Cowboys family is willing to tell it like it is after the Washington Football Team's 25-3 humiliation of "America's Team.''

What was Ezekiel Elliott thinking, for instance, when a WFT cheap shot sent QB Andy Dalton off the field with a concussion?

“Just how sh--ty this year has been,'' Zeke said. "How bad this year's been.''

Ah, a breeze of honesty ... even if the breeze smells sh--ty.

But then there is the bad news: The breeze threatens to be a hurricane. The humiliation might not be over. Dallas is going to be forced by NFL rule to participate in nine more of these things.

Last week, beleaguered coach Mike McCarthy - and yes, "beleaguered'' is how you get labeled when you are the overseer of a team shattering records for ineptitude - admitted that the "arrow'' wasn't "pointing in the right direction,'' and that his team was not improving.

Can he say it again louder this week, so the people in the back - including the Jones family - can hear him?

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Dallas is allowing points in an unprecedented manner, and that was true in a different way on Sunday at Washington, where WFT hadn't had a 100-yard rusher all year (Washington is the worst running team in football) ... but rookie Antonio Gibson topped his career-best of 44 in the first quarter and ended with 128.

The Dak-less passing game? Washington is on its third QB, in a sense, with Kyle Allen, but somehow he managed to complete 15 of 25 passes for 194 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cowboys' glitzy receiving trio? They were invisible, but WFT's Terry McLaurin caught seven passes for 90 yards and a score.

The Cowboys' big-name pass-rushers? They were also invisible, while WFT issued constant pressure from Chase Young and collected six sacks, two by Montez Sweat.

Week after week, the Cowboys make the other team's routine plays into touchdowns, make journeymen into stars, make losers into winners. It is "bad'' football. It is - to quote Ezekiel Elliott - "sh--ty'' football.