Dolphins Saturday Mailbag: Jonnu, Williams, Tart, and More

Does the offense have the answer for goal-to-go questions? Is help coming for the right guard position? Tackling those and other Miami Dolphins issues.
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Part 1 of a weekend Miami Dolphins mailbag:

From Joe Barrett (@JoeBarrett14):

I’m excited to see the Miami Dolphins offense this year!! The addition of Jonnu Smith (more passes TE plus have a better reliable, third receiver OBJ). So the question is, do you think these two additions gotta make the Miami Dolphins better against the really good teams?

Hey Joe, that certainly would be the idea. By having more options, it should make the Dolphins less reliant on Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle and give defenses more things to worry about stopping. If everything works right, Smith and Beckham absolutely should help the offense take another step.

From Dave (@angryvet59):

Is there, besides Eichenberg, a contingency plan if Aaron Brewer's pass pro doesn't improve?

Hey Dave, understand that the Dolphins scheme is designed to make things a bit easier for the offensive line in pass protection with all the quick passing, so I’m not sure I’d have sleepless nights being worried about Brewer in pass protection. There’s also no clear-cut alternative at center currently on the roster besides Eichenberg, but the Dolphins are confident that Brewer will get the job done.

From NY – Fins Up (@azomback34):

With recent talk & rumors about owners discussing a separate QB salary cap, how could that possibly help teams that draft a young QB and were allocating the rest of the cap to other key positions? Or am I misunderstanding the proposal?

Where this would help teams would be with quarterbacks heading into their second contract because that’s when the money gets crazy. There’s no issue right now with quarterbacks and their rookie deals and no need to fix anything (from a team standpoint).

From Ed Helinski (@MrEd315):

So what are you doing to relax before training camp and the regular season bedlam?

Hey Ed, “relax”? What’s that? Running a website is a year-round proposition, so there isn’t really much down time. I will be going with my family on an European vacation in July, but even then I’ll probably still wind up doing some work. I do want to make clear that you’ll hear no complaints from me because I like what I do.

From Bob Curvelo (@curvelo13):

Hi Alain, keep up the good work. With the news this week regarding Connor Williams, what's Miami's chances of him re-signing with them?

Hey Bob, I probably wouldn’t be holding my breath about it, to be honest. I think the only way that happens — besides Williams being able to pass a physical, of course — is if no other team steps up with an offer to his liking because I can’t imagine him wanting to rush back to the Dolphins after they didn’t give him a contract extension last offseason and he ended up getting hurt in his contract year.

From Chris (@lezlo73):

Compared to this time last year, more or less optimistic 24-year playoff win drought is ending?

Hey Chris, if I’m going to be honest, I’d say maybe a hair less because at this time last year I had really high hopes for the defense because of the arrival of Fangio and Jalen Ramsey, whereas this year the dominant thought is the uncertain status of Chubb and Phillips and the unknown with new DC Anthony Weaver, who unlike Fangio doesn’t have a long track record.

From Jayco (@ljc7975):

We have been missing an imposing red zone threat the past few years. I know they signed Fortson but he is no lock to make the 53. Is there reason for optimism?

Hey Jayco, let me first clarify something. The Dolphins were second in the NFL last season in red-zone touchdown percentage, so there was no problem there. They were only 18th in goal-to-go situations, so maybe that’s what we’re talking about. And, yes, there is reason for optimism because Fortson could help there and so could Jonnu Smith and maybe even Odell Beckham Jr. with his ability to reach out for passes, which would help with the fades.

From Mark Lever (@MarkFinsfan):

Is there one more free agent you would like us to sign before the season starts?

Hey Mark, Calais Campbell was the one player who really stood out, so props to the Dolphins from bringing him on board. At this time, I feel the roster is pretty set, though maybe they could add a guard like Greg Van Roten or a cornerback like maybe Stephon Gilmore.

From Olive Grove Jon (@Owlizee);

Hi Alain, are the Dolphins holding back some break in case of emergency cap, and do you think they are comfortable at the RG position?

Hey OGJ, there is zero question the Dolphins are going to keep some cap space available heading into the regular season and they could even create more cap space with contract extensions for Tua and Tyreek Hill (if they choose to go that route). As for right guard, I think the Dolphins are ready to roll with the guys they have on the roster.

From Ahd (@Alhill01):

If Tua does not win a playoff game this season, should Miami part ways, in spite of his contract?

Well, unless he signs an extension, Tua will be playing on his fifth-year option in 2024 and therefore his contract would up after the season. If that’s the case and the Dolphins don’t win a playoff game, then it would depend on exactly how and why the Dolphins failed in that goal because it wouldn’t be as simple as 1+1=2. If the Dolphins sign Tua to an extension in 2024 but then fail to make the playoffs, there’s zero chance they would move on.

From Dan Ford (@CaribbeanClark):

Did Teair Tart’s conditioning improve from OTA 1 to the second day of minicamp?

Hey Dan, I didn’t really notice anything significantly different. He did look to me in the spring like a guy who had some work to do in the conditioning department before the start of camp, let’s just put it that way.

From Jay Bert (@bert695):

What is going on with Chris Brooks???

Hey Jay, the only thing I can tell you about Chris Brooks is that he did not take part in any of the four practices that were open to the media in the spring. I did not personally spot him at all, but was told by a fellow Dolphins writer that he was doing rehab work at one of the open OTAs. So that would suggest he was dealing with some sort of an injury, but I don’t know the extent or nature of it, though I certainly would hope it’s not significant enough to make him miss the start of training camp.

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