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The final week of Conference One Round Robin play happened on Tuesday, November 2nd. Conference One streamed two crucial matches, one from each Radiant and Immortal Division. Each match had implications as we approach playoffs in the upcoming weekends. The first match consisted of Saint Louis University (SLU) and St. Clair College (SCC) in a match SLU needed to win. 

 The match started in Bind thanks to SCC's choice, and they would take advantage of that. SCC defeated SLU 13-9 with a noble team performance. Though SLU ICY led game one in average combat score, the next four rankings were from SCC. The team effort propelled them to a 1-0 match lead going into game two of the night.

 The narrative changed in game two. SLU was able to take down SCC in Ascent. The final score of this game was 13-4 in a rather one-sided affair. The story completely flipped as SCC Casperr carried for the team with a lead in average combat score, while the next four players in average combat score came from SLU. SLU tied up the match score at one, heading into a winner take all game three.

 In game three, the 1-3 SCC team was able to play spoiler and take down the 3-1 SLU team after a 13-9 victory. In a game where SLU needed a win, SCC Casperr and SCC Lupo were able to close out, leading the match in average combat score. With the loss, SLU will likely find themselves outside of the divisional playoffs on November 13th and 14th.

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