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The final week of Conference One Round Robin play happened on Tuesday, November 2nd. Conference One streamed two crucial matches, one from each Radiant and Immortal Division. Each match had implications as we approach playoffs in the upcoming weekends. The second of these matches consisted of Texas A&M University (TAMU) and the University of Hawai’i (UH)

The match started with a nail-biter game one. TAMU and UH Traded off round victories and kept the match tight until a late pull away by TAMU. TAMU, led by ‘jorks’ who had an average combat score of 231, took the game 13-10. UH, led by game leader ‘mikee’ with an average combat score of 268, could not take down TAMU despite having the top two leaders in average combat score.

Game two did not go the way UH was hoping. TAMU went down early, with UH getting to 7 first, but TAMU rattled off a bunch of matches in a row, leading to a 13-8 win. TAMU was paced by ‘NXBLE,’ who led the game in average combat score, while UH was led by ‘mikee’ and ‘PreFx’ in the losing effort.

The win for TAMU pushed them into a likely playoff berth as they are second in their group standings at 4-1 overall for the season. UH will likely find themselves out of the playoffs at 2-3 for the season. Divisional finals for the Radiant and Immortal divisions will be November 13th and 14th.

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