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Paulsible's All-Conference One Team for Fall 2021 Valorant Competition

Conference One Rankings

The Conference One season ended this past weekend after five weeks of round-robin play and a 20 team tournament. The tournament resulted in a win for Canadian powerhouse Carleton University. During the Conference One season, one of our casters and the caster during the final match, Paulsible, gave us his top-five Conference One players for the Fall 2021 Season. These five indicate an All-Conference One Team for Valorant.

1. Moobs - CU Ravens

Standout performance in every match of the finals weekend and playing entry on the strongest team. He was not nearly as consistent as the rest of the top five but *earned* the top spot after his insane finals performance.

2. Dani - CU Ravens 

Dani is the strongest and most consistent Sova player in all collegiate Valorant. On track to become the best overall collegiate player of the year, with few even having a chance to contest.

3. Whitr - UAlberta 

Was able to take over rounds at the drop of a hat against the best teams in the collegiate rounds. We were excited to see more from Alberta and see if Whitr could perform consistently over a long period of time.

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4. Tyler1 - Northwood 

The most flexible player in the collegiate tournament in terms of agent pool makes every one of them look good. He was constantly filling the exact role Northwood needs, whether it's top-fragging or supporting utility.

5. Choiboi - SJSU Blue 

SJSU as a team didn't have as deep of a finals run as they hoped, but they still went undefeated in the regular season and only got knocked out by our tournament winners in a close match. Honestly, in another tournament, any SJSU player could easily make the top five, but Choiboi is undoubtedly the most constant clutch performer and a big voice within the team.