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Devy Fantasy Football Rankings

NFL Draft Bible Fantasy Football Devy Rankings

As the game of fantasy football continues to evolve, commissioners are tasked to constantly develop various bylaws and formats to keep their leagues from growing outdated and stale. Over the past few years, a new version has become increasingly sought after, combining the typical dynasty football league with a unique twist. Devy leagues allow owners to retain the rights of incoming and existing college football ("developmental") players as they progress throughout their careers. If the prospect makes it to the NFL, the player is automatically a member of their dynasty roster. This structure requires players to become fully encapsulated into both the pro and college football game, as camp battles, injuries, and incoming transfers might have significant implications for your team's future. 

Over 14,000 draft prospects for this year and beyond

While this type of league might be overwhelming to some, The NFL Draft Bible Team has you covered. Our team is constantly researching and updating our rankings throughout the year, allowing owners to have the upper hand in your upcoming devy drafts. Even if you do not participate in devy leagues, these rankings can be used as a reliable tool to monitor for upcoming rookie drafts. 

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