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Scouting Report:

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School: University of Toledo

Jersey #: 10/22


Date of Birth: 09/05/1992

Height: 5'11

Weight: 240lbs

When a NFL scout pops in your game film, explain to us what type of player he should expect to see (provide a self-scouting report).

My offseason heading into 2020/2021 is to break down film "NFL GAME PASS" as much as possible. Educate myself on new techniques from all positions.

Learn concepts, formations in all 3 phases, schemes in all 3 phases, time management (2 minute warning, Clock run outs - "kneeling" "stop on the one yard goal line running backs" clock stoppage [outside of timeouts] like "spiking the ball", throwing ball out of bounds. field positioning (strategic evaluations), learn the speed of the game,

Running back - footwork such as jump cuts, deadlegs, patient running, zone reads, screen release/ block, backfield blocking such as blocking all gaps A through E, reading blocks, holes & reads. draw plays, play action, r-p-o-s, wildcat, option, route running.

Strength training, functional, plyos, conditioning, recovery, stretch and nutrition.

What type of leadership intangibles do you bring to the table? Explain your leadership style.

 I am big on accountability I soley believe that's whata leader is accountable leading by example and is responsible for his actions.

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Beating advirsity no matter what!

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced thus far in your career, either overall team or an individual? How did you fare?

Life, I was a walk on at Toledo in 2011 and I let the little things in life beat me. It's been 10 years since I've played but I am willing to show I belong. 

Name a point during your college career when you had to overcome adversity. What did you learn from that experience?

 In 2011 going into 2012 and beyond watching my eligibility fade because of life made me so much more hungier to play this game at an all time high. I miss it so much.

I got fired from MetLife Stadium when I was trying to get signed by Jerry Reece (NY Giants). I spoke with Woody Johnson (Owner of NY Jets) back in 2014 and Mike Tanninbum when he was the GM.

What was it like growing up in your hometown? Did you live in any other places?

Growing up in Jersey City,NJ in the early 90's going into the early 00's had it's ups and downs from everyday life growing upin an urban neighborhood as we know.

Bayonne, NJ was a bit much better due to the ambience.

When did you begin playing football and when did you realize that you have a passion for the game of football?

 I fell in love with the game at the age of 6. The first time I saw football I was in awe. I made so many friends throughout the years because of the game. I cannot go a day without thinking about it