We are two days into the 2021 Senior Bowl and there have been quite a few ups and downs among all players. Matt Rhule, the Carolina Panthers head coach and the American squad, had some strong words for his team after some players looked a little lackluster in the hustle department. Let’s take a look at some players that stood out on day two of practice.

Grant Stuard - LB - Houston

He may be one of the smallest linebackers at this year's Senior Bowl but Grant Stuard is a very tenacious player. He isn't afraid to get physical with anybody and will play through the whistle. Stuard has exceptionally quick hands when it comes to pass-rushing and will fight off the opponent’s hands on his way into the backfield. Stuard does have a quick first step and can beat players with that speed as he did against Michigan running back Chris Evans. He could struggle with the more prominent offensive players but playing on the outside might get him a few more reps as a pass-rusher in the NFL. However, when it comes to playing in coverage, Stuard can easily get turned around and lose his momentum on the play. Stuard was matched up against Missouri running back Larry Roundtree; he got all twisted up and stumbled backward, giving up the catch on the play. However he seems to have some tight hips and can’t change directions on a dime, so working on agility will help improve his coverage skills.

Jabril Cox - LB - LSU

He impressed on day one and again on day two. We saw many outside moves in pass-rushing during one-on-one drills and used his speed to get around the blockers. His day two coverage was vastly better than it was on day one. One of his better plays of the day was against Kylin Hill. Cox did an exceptional job staying with him step-for-step and making the pass deflection, while not letting Hill create the separation to make the catch. He also had another pass deflection against Georgia tight end Tre McKitty. While he had good coverage most of the day, there were a few mishaps. Cox did slip a few times on the grass, losing his ground and giving up the catch. In a one-on-one with Chris Evans, Cox looked like he could have made the play on the ball but declined; instead, he did make the immediate tackle, minimizing the gain on the play.

Chris Evans - RB - Michigan

There isn't much to say about Chris Evans. Overall, he had a productive day and was able to show off his pass-catching skills. Evans used a plethora of moves to create the separation he needed to make the play. Whether it was speed, a juke move, or a swim move, he did what he could to win the matchup. Evans’ pass protection was reliable. He was able to stand his ground and prevent the would-be sack or tackle for loss.


Georgia safety Mark Webb and Central Florida safety Ritchie Grant did have reps with the running back and linebackers on day two. Webb used his speed to get around the tight end for the potential sack. In coverage, he misread the play or had a late reaction and got burned by the tight end. Grant, on the other hand, had a few good reps. He used some excellent field vision and cut the play off for the pass deflection. It would have been an interception if he had held onto the ball.

We are headed to day three and there are still some questions for some players. We will see how the American squad will play tomorrow after Matt Rhule talked to his team.

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