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NFC East Morning Run May 31, 2020

Cowboys players speak out on George Floyd's murder; What can Giants expect from Ryan Connelly in 2020?; Which Redskins subject would make best "Last Dance" style series?; NFC East Position Rankings

DALLAS | Cowboys players speak out on George Floyd's murder

NFL players continue to weigh in on the George Floyd murder and its aftermath across social media, with Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton, edge rusher Demarcus Lawrence, and cornerback Jourdan Lewis using their respective platforms to share their thoughts.

Mike Fisher of Cowboys Maven has the full story.

NEW YORK | What can Giants expect from Ryan Connelly in 2020?

Linebacker Ryan Connelly's rookie season ended in Week 4 with an ACL tear last season. Connelly is set to return to the Giants in 2020 for his second season and will look to build off a strong albeit limited rookie campaign.

Connelly racked up 20 total tackles, two interceptions, and one sack in just four games played last year with three starts. Connelly also made a series of key plays on defense that helped deliver the Giants their two wins early in the season.

Jackson Thompson of Giants Maven has the rundown.

WASHINGTON | Which subject would make the best "Last Dance" style series?

If a documentary series in the style of ESPN's The Last Dance focused on a topic in Redskins history, which would be the most compelling?

Dexter Manley is arguably the greatest pass rusher in Redskins history, but a childhood of struggle would make for an emotional and inspiring tale for sports fans.

Bruce Allen's rise and fall from power as Redskins general manager would be an informative topic to give insider context to the last decade of struggle in Washington.

The story of Dan Snyder's purchase of the team following former owner Jack Kent Cooke's death would focus on a significant and consequential moment in franchise history.

Bobby Mitchell's emergence as the first African American player in franchise history would be a transcendent topic in history.

A story on the 1991 Super Bowl team would channel the purity of the spirit of sports and, like The Last Dance, focus on a team that achieved great success.

Redskins Maven Alan Lepore has the details.

PHILADELPHIA | NFC East Position Rankings

Eagles Mavens Ed Kracz and John McMullen have complied a series of defining position ranking lists addressing each position group in the NFC East. The rankings are based on the input of several NFL scouts.

The Eagles ranked at the top of the rankings in five position groups, including tight ends, offensive line, cornerback, and head coach. Check it out to see how the Giants ranked.