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Did the Panthers Give Up Too Much For Sam Darnold?

For months, the NFL world speculated about just how much the Jets would be able to get in return for Sam Darnold.

Would it be similar to the Carson Wentz deal? Is there a chance the Jets could get their hands on a first-round pick for their beleaguered quarterback?

It wasn't a first-rounder, but the Jets did reel in a solid package in exchange for the 23-year-old. The Carolina Panthers agreed to send New York a sixth-round pick in 2021 along with a second- and fourth-round selection in next year's draft.

So, did the Panthers give up too much for the struggling signal-caller? We checked in with Schuyler Callihan of Sports Illustrated's All Panthers. Here's what Callhan had to say about the asking price for Darnold, who could be Carolina's answer at quarterback for years to come:

Carolina needed to make its move at quarterback and did so by acquiring Sam Darnold. The talent and potential for Darnold to be a solid NFL starting quarterback are there, he just needs to be in the right situation with a coaching staff that harps on attention to detail and develops his game. Personally, I think this is the best fit for Darnold. All of a sudden, he's got the best running back in the league, a dynamic duo at wide receiver, and a young but promising defense to help him out. Matt Rhule has a track record of developing players and offensive coordinator Joe Brady has an innovative offense that was missing a true dual-threat quarterback.

I think the asking price for Darnold was about spot on and although Darnold's ability to be "the guy" is still a question mark, I don't think they gave up too much for him. You keep essentially all your picks in this year's draft and more importantly, didn't have to give up anything but a 2nd rounder. If he works out, this deal will be a major win for the Panthers.

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That's the big if. Darnold has the potential to blossom into a star in Carolina, contending in the postseason and excelling in a new environment. If that's the case, the price the Panthers paid may very well be a steal down the road. 

That said, if Darnold continues to struggle and fails to access that untapped potential we've been talking about since he left USC, then New York got the better side of the deal, moving forward with three quality draft picks as they transition to a new era at quarterback.

Either way, for the time being, it sure seems like everyone involved got what they needed. Carolina has a new quarterback with plenty of upside, New York got something in return for Darnold as they move forward in preparation to pick a QB at No. 2 and Sam Darnold has a fresh start.  


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