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All you have to do is search Connor McGovern's name on Twitter.

The Jets' offensive lineman—back when he was playing for the Denver Broncos—had a postgame altercation with Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Shaq Lawson, exchanging words after a game two years ago.

In the video, that has since circulated quite a bit on social media, you can make out Lawson telling McGovern he had "two sacks on your ass" and that "you'll remember me now."

After New York acquired Lawson from the Houston Texans on Sunday, those two former foes are teammates, creating what has the potential to be an intriguing dynamic.

Asked about that moment this week, McGovern cracked a huge smile, almost as if he knew the question was coming.

"To start off, we played each other twice last year," McGovern explained. "It was all cordial. He was in Miami. I’ve played him since then and nothing. It was just like playing any other opponent. It’s game time. Everybody’s in the moment and what have you."

McGovern went on to reveal that he and Lawson laughed off the matter this past season after talking it over. Sounds like no hard feelings between the two.


That in mind, this shouldn't bring any toxicity into New York's locker room. In fact, more than anything, McGovern is excited about the addition of a high-upside contributor to this defense.

"I'm excited. He's a great player," McGovern said. "I played him quite a few times in my career. So it'll be a nice addition to the team."

Lawson was added in exchange for a sixth-round pick, a solid addition considering the Jets have already lost pass rushers Carl Lawson and Vinny Curry for the season due to injuries. 

The beef may be squashed between these two teammates, but McGovern did want to make one thing clear.

"I will say, to set the record straight, the two sacks were not on me," he said.


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