NFL Draft Bible founder grades the mock drafts

Kristian Dyer

Over the course of the past week since NFL free agency has started, this site has conducted three mock drafts by three separate authors. 

Kristian Dyer (who began covering the Jets in 2008 through 2015 and resumed coverage again last fall), Seth Everett (a national radio host who began contributing to the site last month) and comedian/actor Jay Mohr (a lifelong Jets fan and former ESPN show host) all have gone a full seven rounds in mocking the upcoming NFL Draft. 

So we asked one of the gurus of the NFL Draft to assess the most recent mocks. Ric Serritella, the founder of the NFL Draft Bible, is one of the foremost authorities on the draft. He shared his thoughts on the three mock drafts. 

Jay Mohr -  March 30 Mock Draft


Serritella: “No doubt about it, the Jets need to protect quarterback Sam Darnold, so the selection of Andrew Thomas at No.11 is hard to argue. It’s nice to see them strengthen the secondary with cornerbacks A.J. Terrell and Damon Arnette but this draft still leaves the team without any true playmakers. Taking Bryan Edwards who is coming off a significant knee injury in the third round is a bit rich, as he provides no help for 2020.” 


Seth Everett  - March 26 Mock Draft


Serritella: “Again, Thomas is going to be a popular choice due to offensive line woes, so no qualms there. However, the Jets need to make sure they hit early on and the selections of Donovan People-Jones and Raekwon Davis are the ultimate boom/bust selections. DPJ offers exciting upside and return ability but he was often found on the back of a milk carton in Ann Arbor, while Davis brings some off the field concerns that might not be a good fit with the city of New York, however, nabbing him in round three does offer solid value.”  


Kristian Dyer  - March 20 Mock Draft   

Serritella: “Offensive tackle number one, if either Jedrick Wills or Thomas is available, they offer immediate plug-and-play upgrades (editor's note, Dyer selected Wills at No. 11). Adding Alex Taylor in the late round, could give them a potential starter at right tackle down the road, he’s a great developmental prospect. The wide receiver class is so deep and talented, that selecting Hamler in round two could be a bit of a stretch, considering his size. Losing Robby Anderson, it would be nice to see them add a vertical weapon who could play the perimeter and can stretch the field. The selection of Bryce Hall is a great value pick.” 

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