Quinn: "I'm Totally Comfortable and Happy Matthew Stafford's Our Quarterback"

John Maakaron

During a guest appearance on SiriusXM's "Late Hits" on Monday, Lions general manager Bob Quinn was asked by host Alex Marvez to address speculation the organization could select a quarterback in the early rounds of this year's NFL Draft.

Predictably, Quinn gave Matthew Stafford a ringing endorsement. 

Here is Quinn's full response to Marvez's question: 

"I'm totally comfortable and happy that Matthew Stafford's our quarterback. He's going to be in full health once the offseason program starts it's course. He is pretty much at full health right now. Talked to him about ten days ago. He (Stafford) was in the office, so he is feeling great. 

He's in a good mindset. He's excited. He's a competitor. So for him to miss half a season, it was hard on him. But he did a great job with our backup quarterbacks. We went through a couple guys. We had another injury at quarterback a couple of weeks after Matthew went down. 

Behind the scenes, seeing him in a different light. Since I have been there, he has been at every practice and every game. He's been at every practice and every game, but he wasn't participating the second half of the season. 

But to see him in coach mode, it was pretty cool to see because he really cares about not only our team, but his teammates. His leadership and him helping those other young quarterbacks really learn our system on the fly when he went down. I feel great about Matthew. He's going to come back strong and we're ready to go for next year."


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